Lydwine Novié is a member of Division 6 and is a close friend of Aldred. She is usually addressed as Lyddie by her friends.

Appearance Edit

Lydwine is a very small young vampire girl. She has straight, silvery hair cut in a chin length bob with a fringe, and large sky blue eyes, as well as elfin pointed ears. She wears a long thick coat with a furry neck over a knee length white skirt, thick white tights and white and ice blue winter boots on her feet. She is usually shown carrying around Apusa, a plush doll that resembles a cat which is white with a blue bow around its neck.

Personality Edit

Lydwine is a quiet character, not speaking much throughout the manga. She appears to be childlike, carrying around a plush doll, and talking in third person. However, she is seen to be able to defend herself against attacks, suggesting she is somewhat intelligent.