Aldred is a vampire who attends the Millennium school. He is the son of Cain van Envlio, and is the squad leader of Division Six. He is the main protagonist of RustBlaster.


Aldred is a tall young male vampire who appears to be around sixteen. He has red eyes and spiky black hair that reaches his neck, with a prominent streak of white hair that hangs down in the front. Like all vampires, he has pointy elfin ears and wears a small hoop earring in each ear. He is most commonly seen wearing the Millennium school's uniform, which consists of a black jacket with the school's brand on the left side, black pants, and an arm band with the school's brand, which is worn on the left arm. He wears a white buttoned up shirt underneath the jacket, with the top buttons undone, along with a black tie that is tied very loosely. He also has his fingernails painted black.